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Moving to Maine?

Are you relocating to Maine?  Senecal Construction is an invaluable Maine resource for families living out of state, who are building in Maine.  As a Maine custom builder, Senecal Construction has over 20 years of experience building high quality, energy efficient and sustainable homes.

Our construction management process is highly detailed and is the cornerstone of our business. Once learning more about you and your project, our experience allows us to share accurate information about what you should expect in designing and building your new Maine home including costs, scheduling, potential issues and expected outcomes.

We offer complete construction management for

Senecal Construction Services of Brunswick, Maine

Beautiful homes don’t just happen.They are the culmination of a creative process that may start with something as simple as a picture cut from a magazine.  They may be custom designed and built, built from stock plans, or assembled from pre-built panels.

What they all have in common is careful and thorough planning, the right choice of architects, designers and contractors, careful adherence to budgets and timelines, and an honest, experienced and reliable project manager who understands the importance of good communication with everyone involved.

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